Back from the Dead :)

Hello everyone!! I bet you thought I dropped off the face of the world huh? Well not so much, I've been keeping up on facebook, but I have taken today to decide my blogg needed a much needed facelift and actually do something about it! :) Both Mike & I are alive and well as you can see. Dance started up again, and Mike is still staying busy, busy, busy with his Barbershop. I'm super embarrassed that I haven't posted anything since April..... wow.... but here is a (semi) quick update and some updated photos!

First, lets start with Gus! I can't believe how small he is in the last post. He is so much fun! He loves me and gets so excited everytime he sees me. It's kinda fun! He loves Mike too, but he is kind of a "mama's boy". He still loves to play. He makes a game out of almost everything! He's had 3 fur cuts, and been fixed since I last posted. He's growing up :) but he won't get any bigger then he is now. He reached 12 lbs last time he was at the vet. Here are some updated pics of him.

This is in May on a road trip to Utah over Memorial Day. He found a new favorite pirch in the car!

Gus has been such a fun addittion to our little family, and has brought us lots of smiles! He hangs out during the day at Mike's shop so that he doesn't have to stay at home in a cage and he loves it! He's kind of a people snob though Mike says. He will sometimes play with men, but he will usually always ignore all women that come in. He just likes to lay in the sunlight and watch out the window..... I've never seen him so lazy he always has lots of energy and excitement when I around him, but he loves going to work with Mike! He also loves to go to Mike's parents' house. Mike's sister and her husband have been living there while their house is being built and they have 2 dogs. So when we go to visit there are the 4 dogs that love to play with eachother. Spencer has gotten a lot better and will now be social with the others. No matter how many toys are around, they all want the same one ...... That is Gus guarding his bone from Baxter (the Yorkie) and Spencer (on the floor). Gus will "accidentally" drop the toy in front of the other dogs and then quickly pick it up when they go for it. HAHAHA not a trait that I would encourage in children...... but with Gus it's funny! He is SO smart and adorable!
Okay moving on. As I mentioned, Mike and I went to Utah for Memorial Day for my cousin KC's wedding. We ended up going to Utah 4 times this year.... 3 times for weddings (1 time was us driving to Utah, then flying to Florida for my brother's wedding) and 1 time to celebrate my Grandpa & Grandma Dove's 50th wedding anniversary.

JUNE 17th-23th: We met my family in Utah and all flew together to Orlando where my brother Ben got married. It was so fun!! My mom calls her kids's spouses her "bonus children" :) And it was so fun adding Stephany (officially) to the family!! The wedding was beautiful! They had a Luau for their reception to go a long with going to Hawaii for thier honeymoon.

Pretty cake right?! I loved it!

Her family was really accomodating. They even used sparkling cider for the toasts!

It was such a pretty wedding, and they are so happy!!!

We also made it to Disneyworld and Clearwater Beach while on our trip!! It was a BLAST!!!! Clearwater beach is on the Gulf of Mexico and was worth the almost 3 hour drive to get there from where we were staying! The water was so .... clear! :) and beautiful, and WARM! I had never been in the ocean when it has felt like bath water! It was such an enjoyable day!!

Ashley, Mom, & Me (check out our tan lines) :)

Our Disneyworld experience was also so fun!! I'm not sure if I'll ever go back.... esspecially in June, man we were all melting with the humidity, so not the most flattering pics, but you can still see how much fun we were having!

(our "classic disney pose")

Florida was so fun!! Thanks Ben & Steph for giving us all such a fun excuse to go and visit!

JULY 3rd-12th: Moving on to my Grandparents 50th! It had been an event in the works for almost 2 years. It took lots of planning and turned out great!! Mike and I went half way to Bosie the night of the 3rd and stayed with some friends! (Thanks again Travis and Roz!!) then we in Utah for the 4th of July! We had just missed Ben & Stephs garden reception in UT that turned out beautifully (except the freak rain storm that hit right before it started)! The Dove Reunion/50th anniversary started sunday night family pictures. An event that will probably never happen again...... but I got to see some cousins that I haven't seen in years! It was so great! We actually only had 4 people missing from the whole family!! 2 of my cousins and then one cousins 2 kids. Me missed them, but I was impressed at how many people we actually had there!! I guess that's what years of planning gets you :)

(all the grandkids & great-grandkids)

(Everyone who was there! Watching Grandpa & Grandma in the middle still happily in love after all those years!)

(My cute Grandparents)

(My family! Including all bonus children) :)

(Our "steps of life" family picture) :)

The reunion was 6th - 10th up at Brianhead canyon; Cedar Breaks. (Near Cedar City) It was so fun! Each day was a theme. The last day we were there the theme was "All because 2 people fell in love". It was so much fun! Unfortunately..... all the pictures from the cabins have some how disapeared from off my computer. I was going to wait to do this post till I found them again, but who knows given my recent history with blogging..... that could be a while. I'll do a separate post on that later!

Now moving to JULY 20, 2009. HAPPY 2 YEARS MIKE & AUBERY!! :)

We didn't do anything fancy since it's been an expensive traveling year, plus it fell on a monday this year, but we went to dinner at Michael's on the Lake here in Moses Lake. It was nice to get so spend the evening together, and dinner was so yummy!!

AUGUST (and june and july when not on vacation) was spent trying to get our florida trip scrapbooked, and catching up on the rest of my Fall 08 TV shows I had DVR'd. I went from having like 30% available to only using 8% :) I only had 2 episodes of Flashpoint left to watch when September hit and a new shows season started!! I didn't teach dance during the summer and enjoyed my extra bit of free time. I still worked at Basin full time, but felt like I had loads of time during the day when I got home at 4.

SEPTEMBER 14th started dance classes again for the year! I enjoyed my summer, but man was I ready to get back!! I have 4 classes that I teach this year. One class is completely new to me, and it was hard to establish that I'm their teacher and I have rules. They are only 7-8 and have danced before, but not with me. So like always, kids try to push the boundries to see how much they can get away with. I thought I was going to pull my hair out the first 2 weeks, but they are now one of my favorite classes! My other classes are mainly full of girls I have had before, so it was easier. The ground rules were already there, and we could skip straight to the dancing. :) September was also a birthday fest! Jana (Mike's sis) Sept 19, my Mom Sept 21, my Dad Sept 28th, and Marsha (Mike's Mom) Sept. 30th!! We went to dinner to celebrate Jana & Marsha's.

(Mike's parents at Jana's b-day dinner)

SEPTEMBER also = the Othello Rodeo (that Mike looks forward to every year) !! It was fun, although it is a crapy picture (my camera has been freaking out lately, time for a new one) but here is us in the cold and crazy wind getting ready for the Rodeo to start!

OCTOBER is always a fun month for me! It's my birthday month, I love when the weather gets colder, and I LOVE Halloween! I just happened to end up going to Utah over my birthday again this year. (Last year I was "home" over my birthday too. It was our Dan Dove Family Reunion) My birthday this year was spent driving home from Utah. 12 hour road trip isn't the most ideal way to spend a birthday, but it was great!

(Gus again being a champion traveler!!)

(hahaha I know.... super cheezy picture. Gus does better in the car if he has a bed to sleep in. We stopped and got him a pet bet in tricities. While we were there we found this little ditty in the clearence bin for $1! Matching hat and scarf! hahaha yes, we are THOSE people who love to dress up their dog! Gus has never since worn it, but thought this pic was priceless!! Ah Gus, you are a good sport!)

My best friend Amber and almost 2 year her son Lincoln got to come back with us for a visit! Plus we met up in Boise with some good friends, the Beus family, and went to lunch at PF Changs! It was a quick visit but so fun! Amber hung out unitl sunday when she flew home and it was so good to see her. I haven't got to spend more then like an hour with her since I moved up to Moses Lake. Plus Linc got to know is "aunt Aubrey" a little better. :)

Anyway, it's been a really good 6 months since my last posting! And hopefully it was a good update for everyone! Have a Happy Halloween! I know I will!!!

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