Asay Family Photos 10/16/09

In October when my friend Amber was here for my birthday, we had her take some Asay family photos!  Amber has a photography business in Utah, and that's what I wanted for my birthday! We hadn't had family pictures of all of us since our wedding. Here is how they turned out!

We were thinking about some of these ones for our Christmas cards.

(this one is my favorite)

by the lake:

(I love this one too!)

Mike's family LOVES the Seahawks. I'm a fan now too, and even have my own jersey and everything! :) I just wish they would win more! Anyway, we thought it would be fun to take some pics of us showing off our Seahawks pride! ..... I think they turned out cute!

This first one of us in the "huddle" is one of my favorite of the family!

We had to get one of just our little family! Doesn't Gus look cute! Jana (mike's sister) bought Gus this cute little jersey so he could match us on game days!! :)

down..... set.....

okay, back to our serious side! :)

by the tree:
This 1st one is the "whole" family, Spencer (mike's parents dog) is the only one missing. It was raining and he didn't like that. He sat in the car.

on the doc:
(I love both of these pics! You can see the rain drops in the lake! My hair started out straight.... it was curly by the time we were done.... hence the beanie caps in the earlier pics)  :)

I love you Jana, John, Marsha, Kevin & Mike! Thanks for always making me feel like part of the family!  I am so happy with how these pics turned out! Thanks Amber!! You do an awesome job! Check out her blog!