Weekend of Performing Arts

This past weekend was a dance competition that the Studio was competing in and I was able to attend! I have been separated from Jazz Club (our advanced competing group) this year, so I was really excited to get to see their routines! On Friday, I hitched a ride with David Earl and his suburban packed group which consisted of David, Whitney (the other dance teacher) 3 foreign exchange students; and 2 little boys. It was fun! We got there, found the hotel then I went with the dance directors to the competition site. Our oldest group of dancers (the Elite Jazz Club) all performed on friday! They did so good! They also performed their production number which is made up of all Jazz Club teams. It was so cute! These are some pictures of us waiting for the awards to start on friday night ... about 10:30 pm ish.
Our dance group is in the red & black

To the right is Whitney and the 3 foreign exchange students. This group was so fun and who I got to hang out with most while up there. (L-R: Whitney, Bolen (from mexico?), Trisha (from Taiwan), & Nikki (also from Taiwan). They were so fun!! Trisha is one of my dance students this year and gets to compete in Spokane in may!

Trisha & I. When Whitney took this picture, she called it my missionary picture cause it looks like I have a name tag on. :) Funny!
We went and found some Wendy's to eat before bed then all went to sleep! I wish I got a picture of our sleeping arrangements, hahaha it was fun. Whitney & I shared a bed while Bolen, Trisha, & Nikki all shared! heehee, They are little though, it worked! Whitney & I woke up at 6 the next morning and had to be ready to leave for saturday competition schedule by 7:15. We ate a yummy continental breakfast (and stole some fruit for the competition) and were watching & helping dancers by 7:30 am. Today was our Pee-Wee Jazz Club; Boys Club; Mini Jazz; Jr Jazz Club & Sr Jazz Club turn to compete. I only had time to help with & watch Pee-Wees & Boys Club cause then my friends Lynette and Michelle picked me up for lunch and to go see the Lion King!!
We decided to go get lunch at The Olive Garden. We had to hurry cause the play started at 2pm. It was so yummy! I ordered this new dessert they had that was homemade doughnuts (in the shape of a rectangle) rolled in powdered sugar. You then can dip them in this chocolate sauce..... heaven on a plate. If you are going to The Olive Garden soon.... I suggest you try them!!
We planned the trip perfect and made it to down town Seattle & PARKED by 1:30! Michelle & I didn't wear the best walking shoes, but we still made it w/plenty of time!

I was so excited! I love Disney... and so to see a Disney movie as a broadway play.... how much more happy does life get :)

It was so fun getting to spend this time with my friends!! I have missed you guys! I wish the circumstances were better. I was given my friend Emily's ticket cause she couldn't go anymore. She had a funeral to go to. I wish all my friends could have been there, cause it was soooooo AMAZING!! The colors, the costumes, the actors! Everything was beautiful!

As we were walking back to our car, I had to laugh at this picture of little Lynette next to Michelle in the parking garage! This picture doesn't do it justice, but I kept crossing my fingers that Michelle wouldn't hit her head on the ceiling of the garage!

I love spending time with my friends!! I hope they all know how much they mean to me & what a wonderful part of my life they all are!! Miss you!!


Top it all off w/Sing Star

(okay, i've been in the process of this blog for a few days now, sorry it's taken me so long)

It was my friend Michelle's birthday a few weeks ago. I took her for lunch on the 7th of March. We got to hang out all day with our friends Emily & Lynette (Angie was in Utah). Michelle picked Inca for lunch. She picked me up and we met our friends there! It was delicious!! (mike said he could still smell Inca on me unitl sunday night though... and yes I did shower, that's the only thing I hate about eating there....anyway)

After lunch we went browsing at Fashion Bug, then decided to watch Little Shop of Horors at my place. I know, a little random, but I had never seen it before and Michelle had the music from it playing in her car when she picked me up for lunch. I had heard about it, but had never actually seen it. It was fun watching/listening to my friends sing along and it made me wish I knew the words :) My favorite part was the 3 ladies that were all dressed up fancy & sang about what was happening. A few hours after the movie we all went over to some friends of ours (mike and I) the Stutsmans (Matt & Rochelle) and had our own little sing star party! I would say wish you were there.... but I'll let you judge for yourselves, haha, some of the songs were a little rough! But so awesome! :)

(Lynette, Rochelle, Matt, Mike)

(Michelle, Emily; I think this is their "we're sad cause we couldn't find a song Michelle wanted to sing" picture....)

apparently Lynette and I get super into & serious about our sing star....

hahaha, this picture made me laugh; I'm guessing this is their "don't show us eating cheetos?? picture??

(Em Wizzle everybody!)

okay, okay; I had to put these on.... this is what I'm talking about... some of the songs were a little rough .... But sooo funny!! I had so much fun!!! I couldn't resist... don't be mad friends!! This is what sing star is all about :)

"Zombie" - Cranberries

"Boy Named Sue" - Johnny Cash

"Broken Wing" - Martina McBride (Matt tries to "help" Mike hit the high notes)

"Broken Wing" part II

Anyway I had so much fun so I had to share the fun I had with everyone else!! Hope the videos made you smile or laugh! :)