Family Additions/Christmas Cabbin

I know, I know, the pictures I'm about to share are "old news" in the world of blogging, but I just got them moved to my work computer, so they are pretty "new" for me :)
So this year is going to be a busy one for the Dove crew! We've got 2 weddings (one in orlando), and a week long family reunion with my dad's side of the family who I have not seen for years! Some since my wedding, and some .... like years. We're talking like 8-10 years or something like that for some of them! I can't wait, it will be a good year!

I was really excited this past December when I got to go to Utah and meet my brother Ben's fiance! Her name is Stephanie and she is from Orlando, FL. They met when he was in the NAVY and dated a little bit, but it wasn't until Ben was releaced & ready to move home that they got serious! They are getting married June 21 in Orlando. They will be living in Orlando where they will both be going to school. (she is almost done with her nursing program there, where she has a full scholarship) This is Ben & Stephanie

Ben getting ready to pop the question!
This is right before he went to pick her up to ask her, look at that smile! L-R: Stephanie, Ben, my Dad & Ashley

Now for the other wedding :) Brother Adam and his girlfriend (they aren't yet official) Ally are planning on getting married October 13 in Salt Lake City. They are super cute together, and have been dating for a couple years now. Ally is almost done with her dental hygenist program (or is done) and is working at a dentist office. Adams is going to school right now and is taking a lot of art classes. Their ideal plan would be to move to California and go to a top art/design school there. So if that happens my siblings & I will dot 3 of the 4 corners of the US :) Happy future traveling!! Here is Adam and Ally
So that covers "family additions" Now to the Christmas Cabbin!! The cabin is a tradition my family has been doing since before I was born! My mom's whole side of the family (my mom's cousins, and aunts & uncles, and my great grandma... like tons of people) all to to the Timplodge at Sundance, UT every december for the night! The cabin is huge and is always filled with lots of people! I'm doing good if I can keep straight what kids belong to what family (I stopped trying to remember names of the young kids like 5 years ago). But there is lots of food, fun, games, and Santa always comes! Here are some fun pics of my cousins, and family! I miss them so much! Ashley & Adam wait patietly to leave
The cabbin from the outside
cousins Issabell & Kylie
My parents playing some foozeball
cousin Brady & brother Seth playing ping pong
Santa comes every year!

hahaha, we had hoola-hoop contests!! It was awesome!!
Oh, the cabin was so much fun!!

While I was there, my mom & grandma, aunt Stacy and my friend Amber made some christmas chocolates! We made home made Reeses PB cups, Andes mints, Cherry cordials, Peanut & Cashew clusters; Turtles (with cashews), chocolate covered cinnamin bears, & some chocolate covered carmel pretzels!! It was so fun, and a tradition I love doing with my family!
Grandma making cherry filling

Chocolate covered carmel pretzels!
One of the finnished products, I was quite proud of these delicous little treats that I made! They are one of my favorites!

Cousins after my own heart!
Abby & Issabell sample the spoons we used to stir the melting chocolate. They were such good little helpers!
I love & cherrish family time. It's one of my most favorite things in the world! I can't wait to get to spend some major family time this summer/october and to get to know Stephanie and Ally better! Hears to family & the future!


Wake up Dreaming of Sleep

I know I haven't blogged for a while; but this has been a though I've had all week.... For some reason I feel like I can't get enough sleep! ... Ever!
I wake up in the mornings and can't wait for the time when I can jump right back in bed again! Why do we push ourselves so much? Life shouldn't be filled will all these "have to's". I am starting to feel like there is never going to be time in the day to just relax! I would love to just sit home and do absolutely nothing/sleep for like 4 days! Then perhaps I would get caught up on my rest & feel like I've had some "me" time! I know I'm being kind of a complainer right now... I know I even have it a lot easier then most, we don't even have kids yet, but I thought I would vent just a little bit :)
You know those lyrics "everybody's workin' for the weekend"? Well what happens when you feel like your weekend has a schedule to follow too? I love going out of town and all, (we've gone to Tri-cities the last 2 saturdays (all day from 2pm on), then were in Spokane monday night till about 11pm) but I'm so excited & totally looking forward to this weekend when I have absolutely nothing planned!!! Perhaps I'll stay in bed all morning on saturday, hahaha.... yeah right! But one can dream!
Anyway, all I know is that I'm ready for some vacation!