Ah Gus, I just can't stay mad at you!

So remember how we are crate training my dog Gus? Well I came home at lunch on Wednesday to find the crate locked but no Gus inside.... He had been running all over the house that day. After having to clean up a few messes... I decided to put Gus back in the crate & see how he performed this little magic trick. When I put him back in he just cried for a little while (he didn't want to give his secret away) but when he realized I wasn't going to let him out, this is what I found ..................

Low & behold, my dog is part cat, or too smart for his own good. Now he has to stay in the bathroom with the door closed, and nothing but his food, & dog bed for company.

He's so cute though, and I just can't stay mad at him! He's been so much fun, and although he won't yet admit it out loud, Mike loves him too! :) Here are more pictures and video to showcase Gus's little personality!

Sometimes when we are at Mike's parents' house, all Gus wants is to play/attention from Spencer. Spencer won't have it though :) This is usually how it goes

Gus can't get up on the chair yet, so that is Spencer's "home" when we visit

(I used to be one of Spencer's favorite people.... now he just gives me this! Where did the love go Spencer?)

GUS LOVES TO PLAY!! I swear that's all he ever wants to do! He's so cute though, I give in as much as I can! This stick is seriously his favorite toy! (now these are action shots and my camera isn't the best, so they are a little blury too)

Sometimes after being outside and he is wound up he will come in the house and do "NASCAR" and he just runs and runs and runs in circles all over the house. It only lasts like 2 min, but it's so funny. I have been trying to get a video of that, but all the ones I have you can't really see what's going on.
Gus also thinks that when he sees himself in the mirror that it's another dog on his turff... :) I did catch a video of that!

Anyway, it's safe to say that I think I have the funnest puppy in the whole world. Even though he is a pain sometimes, I find myself not able to stay mad at the little guy! I wouldn't trade him for anything!!!
I think Mike feels the same way too! Don't you think?


We got a puppy!!! His name is Gus!

Meet the newest addition to our family :)
His name is Gus. He's a ShihPoo (Shih- Tzu & Poodle mix) and is soooo adorable, a little bundle of fur :) He is 3 months old today & I fell in love with him at first sight! We got him monday night about 7:30 pm and I have been loving him ever since! We are in the process of house training him, and so during the day when I'm at work I take him over to Mike's parents' house. They have a Shih-Tzu named Spencer who is a bit anti-social, so we're trying to make them friends! Since Gus isn't quite house trianed he has to stay in a crate unitl I can go home at lunch and let him out. It breaks my heart though and he hates it... but hopefully he gets used to it soon.

Gus loves to play! He is so smart too! You better believe that I'll be blogging about him lots more, but I thought I would put his first photos on here for you all to see! He makes me happy!

Mike hates his "albino complection" :) (his words) but I think he's the most adorable thing!
Mike says he's growing on him :)

That's Mike's Mom; Doesn't Gus just have the cutest face?!

He was so funny, everytime I went to take a picture he would Pose by sitting down :)

Easy Killer :) He loves to play, it's so much fun!

Wow I hate this picture of me... I look like a cancer patient, but thought it was cute of Mike & Gus! Our 1st "family photo" :) hahaha

Anyway, we are in the process of puppy proffing our house and awarding good behavior. Our landlord said that he didn't care if we had a small dog as long as it was house trained and didn't bark, and has to be approved by him, so we're working on that! Right now Gus only barks when he thinks someone is coming to the house (or if someone is upstairs/downstairs and he's opposite them). His little growl is so cute. He will make a good gaurd dog :) We have to leave him at Mike's parents a lot unitl he can pass the test with our landlord, but hopefully that won't take long! Yay for puppies!! I've been wanting one for a long time now, and Gus is perfect!