2010 in Review.... so far....

Okay.... so the title was my attempt at creatively saying I haven't blogged for months!   : )
We, like everyone, have been nothing but busy all year. Here is a look at what we've been doing the last 7 weeks or so.


hahaha I know.... lame, but we shamelessly love our little dog! We went to a puppy play date when we first got Gus last year with some friends who work at a Vet Clinic in town and she made these "pup-cakes". I got the receipe from her and made them for Gus and all the other dogs in the Asay family (5, including Gus) to celebrate his birthday! We took them over to Mike's parents' house and the dogs went crazy for them! Unfortunately Mike's sisters' dogs couldn't make it, so Gus and; Spencer had pup-cakes to thier hearts desire.

Gus may not look super excited about the hat in this picture, but deep down I think he loves all the attention!    : ) 


I kidnapped Mike as a surprise and we went and stayed overnight in Tri Cities. It was fun just to get some time together! We came back monday night and had some cake and ice cream with his family. HAPPY 27TH BABE!!

(hahaha don't you just love Gus's paw on my arm in this photo, I sure do!!)

It was a good break from our normal routine and one we both needed!! We got to sleep in as late as we wanted Monday morning and Mike said that (along with the mini vacation) that was his favorite present! 


I have been wanting to cut my hair like this for a long time and finally did it! I also had copper/highlights in my hair but I've been wanting to go dark again, so I did that also!! I think it turned out good, I really love the cut!!

                                                           (front view-shows color better)

This is something I've always wanted to try with my hair. The color wasn't taking very well. She had to process it twice so it turned out a lot brighter red then I had emagined, but I decided to leave it until it fades. I'll probably go back to just the dark all over, but it was fun for a change. 

To Celebrate we went to see "Valentine's Day" Saturday night with Mike's parents. It's a good one! We decided this year for Valentine's Day we just wanted to relax. We both got substitutes for our church classes and just spent the whole day home together. We got ourselves a digital picture frame and so we spent the morning adding pics from our wedding to present. It was a fun project to do together and made for a really fun Valentine's Day. Later that day we went to Mike's parents house and met up with one of Mike's cousins he hasn't seen in 6 years who is living in California. It was fun to meet them and thier 3 cute little kids. We visited for about 2 hours before they had to leave for tricities. We went back home and continued our peacefull sunday together by catching up on a few shows and watching a movie. It was a very fun night!

I took the day off of work because there was no dance scheduled for that night! I decided it would be a great "me" day! That "me" day turned into a clean the house fest that I didn't really want to do, but it's been needing to get done. I slept in unitl 9:30 or so then took Gus on an extra long walk. I then started Spring Cleaning our house. I accomplished rearanging the furniture in the living room, vacuuming (and vacumming under all the furniture), swept and mopped the floors, dishes/kitchen cleaned up, dusting everything, windows/window seals cleaned, hanging pictures that I've been trying to get to forever, and laundry!! I also started the (what turned into a week long project both Mike and I worked on) project of giving our living room a much needed facelift!! I will post some before and after pics in few days once it's all done. (I just have to get some family pictures into a frame and get them hung).  I started at 10:30 monday morning and didn't sit down till almost 7 when Mike got home. He came in the house and said "Wow Babe, the house looks amazing! I'm taking you out to dinner"   :)   hahaha I didn't realize it was so late and that I hadn't started anything for dinner, so I was thankfull for the offer! We went to J's Teryaki! Delicous!! IT WAS A LONG DAY!

I started this blog post last week and am finnishing it today, monday 2/23/10. Last week was so LONG and Mike and I wore ourselves out by how much we got done around the house, but we both LOVE how it all turned out!! It feels better when we walk in and we're not annoyed with our clutter that had started accumulating! I'll get pics up soon!

~ Aubrey